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Our Training and Techniques department offers tips from some of the best athletes in the world. Each month, we feature a training story that can help you improve in your sport, or try something new. So far, we've featured training for an endurance mountain bike race, and taking the next step towards competing in a 24-hour adventure race. Each month, we also feature an insightful column by world-renowned adventure racer, Ian Adamson. Plus, we present specific technique stories focused on a particular discipline such as flatwater paddling, rope ascending, night mountain biking and more.

Sole Food   By Sarah Tuff
Faster Xterra Transitions   By Scott Schumaker
Adventure Racing 101: What You Need to Know
Give it a Tri: On-Track Training for an Off-Road Tri  By Scott Schumaker
Tyrolean Traverse  By Patrick Harper
Bike Tuning  By Robert Pope
Proper Paddling Technique  Billy Mattison
Snowshoe Racing  Dave Dunham
Uphill Mountain Biking  Daniel Gillespie
The Beat Goes On  James Herrera
Choosing a Race  Ian Adamson
Traveling With Your Bike  Brian Metzler
A Few Bike Upgrades to Consider  Scott Schumaker
High-Altitude Training and Racing  Scott Boulbol
Train and Race Like Ian
Open Water Navigation
Putting Your Mettle to the Pedals  By Joe Lindsey
Pole Position  By Lisa Jhung
Packing for an Adventure Race  By Ian Adamson
Flatwater Paddling  By Ian Adamson

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