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Check out one of the gear stories below, or pick up the latest issue of Adventure Sports magazine to read about the latest, greatest adventure sports gear on the market.

Gear Manufactures: If you would like your products to be considered for the Gear Box section of the magazine, please send us a information related to your product(s), adventure racing applications, photos and any other information you feel we need. Products selected for the magazine will be contacted for more information.

Shine On

Black Diamond Nightray Whether you're training in the dark during short winter days, or looking for the light to race with all year, finding the right torch is imperative.

Shoe Reviews   Pack Reviews
Treat Your Feet
   by Brian Metzler
  Leaders of the Pack
   by Lisa Jhung
Getting Your Kicks
   by Mark Ruscin
  Packing It In
   by Lisa Jhung
Happy Feet
   by Brian Metzler
Treads for Trails

   by Brian Metzler
Water Reviews   More Reviews
Strokes of Genius
   by Ian Adamson
  Lighten Up
   by Mark Eller
Water Tools
   by Kip Koelsch
  Sweet Rides
   by Joe Lindsey
Proper Paddles
   by Kip Koelsch
  Hot Stuff
   by Dimity McDowell
    Rack 'Em up
   by Stephen Regenold
    Gadgets and Gizmos

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Gear Box
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